Monday, October 13, 2014


This week was a great week! We had 4 investigators at Church! We were exceedingly blessed.

Laura, the first, our uni student that we're working with that plays field hockey, has come to church twice now. She is so cool! I believe with all my heart that she will be baptized.

Jim, the second, is the former investigator who came to Church out of nowhere, and is now coming to Church, but denies formally investigating. His goal is to unite all churches so we all have one faith, and there is no contention. He is a humanistic conceptual artist, or something like that. Loves humans, basically.

Steph, the third, is a Greek friend of Jim's, and she is very cool! She has gone to a few different churches, and she came to General Conference with Jim, and then we met and taught her about the Restoration and part of the Plan of Salvation, gave her a blessing, and she came to Church!

Roddy, the fourth, our less active Bob's friend, came to Church as well. He goes to City Church, but is learning about the Book of Mormon and has a very good understanding of what we teach him. Bob came to Church too.

That is the gist of the work in Bridge of Don ward! I know the Church is true, the book is blue, revelation is too, I love you ('s all)!

Elder Hunter

P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. My birthday is November 20th. Just a thought. :)

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