Monday, November 24, 2014

It's funny looking back to those huge emails I sent a few months ago... I haven't written that much in an email in a while!

This week, we finally got another new investigator, Jamie Smith! He is a fantastic young man! He reminds me of Nick all the way back in Cumbernauld - I am so excited to teach him! Nick accepted a baptismal date in the 2nd lesson... so we'll see what happens, but I pray he makes it. Elder Benson and I have been doing a lot of ''AUFs''' where we go by a baseball baptism and see if they're still interested in the church, and then knock 10 doors aside. Most of our success lately has been from this, which is a good change from last year. Hopefully we'll see a lot of success from that! Thanks for your emails and prayers! I had a good birthday on the 20th of November - much cake and good letters from home. :) Well, that's all this week. The book is true, Joseph Smith is too!

Elder Devin Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

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