Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear family, friends, and brethren and sistren in the work,

This week was quite a stressful one for me, but I am really excited.
Stephen's baptismal interview is coming up this Tuesday (e.g.
tomorrow) and I really hope he is ready. He also made it to Church
yesterday, and it is becoming a regular thing for him. :) When we are
teaching Stephen, it is different than any other person we teach. His
learning style is different, as is everybody's. I have been praying
for him and for Joe as well.

We met with Joe yesterday, and he just isn't making the commitment to
progress. He is basically there in his testimony, but he isn't willing
to give up the addictions that he has. I pray that he will progress
and make the right choices, but I am understanding more and more each
week how Heavenly Father feels about agency. I can understand why He
would weep when His children don't follow Him, but at the same time He
won't force His will upon us.

Bridy is doing really well, along with her grand-daughter AnnMarie.
She is reading the Book of Mormon and finds many things quite
interesting. She even recognizes patterns in the Book of Mormon that
months of study have led me to. For example, the story of Nephi, where
Nephi asks the Lord to show him the things which his father saw. When
he tells his brothers about what he saw, they complain and ask why the
Lord didn't show them these things. Nephi asks them if they have asked
God. They reply no. Then he basically says "Well, there's your
problem.'' She has great potential, and I can't wait to see her
progress in the future.

It gives me great joy to hear many of my brothers and sisters in the
work making progress, inviting others to come unto Christ, and
entering the mission field. It is a great opportunity to serve the
Lord, one full of joy and sorrow and great reward. Luckily no one
threatened us this week, although while we were at Joe's, the police
came because there was an incident between him and some youngsters
calling him names. We didn't get involved.

This week Elder Christensen also cut my hair... I had mixed feelings
about it at the beginning, but he didn't do a bad job at all. He was
pretty proud of his work. I will send pictures in another email.
Sister Brown also gave me the keyboard this week! It is quite handy
for opening hymns in Companionship Study, and Elder Christensen has
had a blast trying to sing in sync with my playing this week. It also
proves a good tool for meditation after Nightly Planning. I sometimes
take 15-20 minutes after and play hymns on the keyboard, and Elder
Christensen will lie on the couch and relax and listen. It is a great
time for myself, and I hope for him also.

I have a feeling I will be leaving Cumbernauld this transfer, but
don't quote me on that.

I leave my testimony this week that praying for specific things yields
specific results, and, like Elder Christensen said, ''The only way to
accomplish goals is to work to achieve them.'' I learned this week
that to achieve goals, I have to work with those goals in mind, and
when I work with a specific goal in mind, I can achieve that goal,
because if we do our part and work hard, the Lord always does the
rest. And I share this knowledge in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. Kelpies. Don't ask.

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