Monday, February 17, 2014

This week was a rather interesting and learning experience.

First off, Stephen wasn't baptized. He didn't pass his interview, because he wasn't ready. Normally, that would have upset me, but I have realized the important lesson that was lurking in the back of my mind, but I have not really acknowledged until now: conversion is more important and preliminary to baptism. Stephen told us on Friday, 3 days after his interview, that he didn't want to be baptized unless he felt ready, and I was in total agreement with him. He will need more time, and will not be baptized before I leave Cumbernauld. But, I know he can be ready by April. It may take more time; it may take less. But what's important is knowing he is ready and making sure he has the desire to be baptized, and not us for him. He still loves learning, and wants to learn more so he knows he is ready when he is baptized. Elder Davis, our district leader in the Airdrie area, told us this analogy: giving a million-dollar car to someone who doesn't know how to drive it is pointless. We need to help Stephen learn how to drive the car, and make sure he is comfortable and happy to drive it, and wants to drive it, and doesn't crash it in the future (I'll let you guess what that means). But he is great, and still learning.

Also, when we met with Teresa and Stewart on Wednesday, we taught them about the Priesthood. We asked Stewart if he has the Priesthood, and he said he is either a teacher or a deacon. Then, (and here's the kicker), Teresa says, ''So WHEN Stewart and I get married how long will it be until Stewart can receive the Melchizedek Priesthood?'' When she said WHEN, she glanced at Stewart, and he rolled his eyes, not in a negative way, but like a ''oh bother'' way. I was SO HAPPY! That got my hopes up that Stewart would propose to Teresa on Valentine's Day, but it didn't happen... But that means that they are planning on getting married! I hope to be here when he proposes, or get to skype or something for their wedding. But ach, well...

It was also pretty funny, because while we were tracting on Saturday, we knocked on a lady's door, and she quickly rejected us and slammed the door. However, what she didn't realize was that in the split second between when she said no, and she slammed the door, her little black shizu made his escape into the outside world. Elder Christensen and I were stunned for a second, and stared at the door in disbelief for a few more seconds, waiting for her to open the door again, and then we knocked again. No answer. We knocked again. No answer. We chapped her mail slot. No answer still... - SO
Here we are, stuck with this little black shizu outside this lady's door with no answer. Then, to add to our little predicament, a young woman comes around the corner with her dog, and this little black shizu, with no leash or owner, decides to attack this lady's dog. We quickly explain the situation so the lady doesn't go away believing that the Mormon missionaries' dog had viciously attacked hers. She quickly got into her close, and we were left with this little black shizu once again. We tried yelling into the woman's house through her mail slot, knocking, chapping, but still no answer. Elder Christensen found the backyard, and, after trying to lure the dog after us with a Vimto chewable and much exhortation, I tested the waters and tried to lift it up. Fortunately, it happily relented, for it didn't mind being petted or held, and I carried it around to the backyard, entered in through the gate, and went and stood in front of her back window with the dog in my arms. She was sitting on the couch on the phone, and we suspected that she had been calling the police or friends because of two young men who were trying to break in. She quickly came out the back door, and said ''Sorry, I didn't realize.'' We continued chapping again.

Anyways, I hope you all are having good success and that your families are doing well! Thank you for your support and letters and emails, they are greatly appreciated! I know this Church is true, and I know the Lord loves us because I have felt His love, and seen it in miracles of the Spirit.

Elder Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

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