Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello family and friends! This week in Sligo, we had some really good moving forward points. This is the 2nd week in a row that the Walshes have been to sacrament meeting! It's good to see some progress with them, because they've been unable to attend the past 5 weeks or so.

Elder Jackson and I had a cool experience with Who, What, When, Where, a tool given specifically to the Scotland/Ireland Mission, where we went to a specific street we prayed about at a specific time, and, in the short 20 or so minutes we had, we met the person we had planned for. It is a great faith-building experience.

We've met with Malcolm, Yolanda's sister. He wasn't able to come to church, like Yolanda, because of their niece's christening. But we met Yolanda on Thursday night and we had our first semi-formal lesson. We used the leaflets to teach the Restoration of the Gospel, and, amidst bingo cards, people going in and out, and random questions and conversations happening everywhere, we taught Yolanda and her daughter Jade. They had amazing questions, and we were able to answer them and I could tell it made sense to Jade. We told Yolanda how she could know it is true, and she said she already knew it was true, but she needed to rekindle the feelings she had as a youth with her LDS friends. She is also open to baptism and coming to church.

We're still serving at our new Eagles Flying place, where we get to clean up after and help show off rescued birds, animals, and all manner of living beings. It is a great experience to be able to work with these animals. I might hold a bird this new time, instead of being on the alert to avoid vultures. I also got to take a feather home. Normally those are around € 80, but I got one for free. Pictures next week, I forgot the camera cord this week. Sorry.

We also met with Bazil and explained baptism and confirmation a little more clearly. He has the desire to change, but he wants time to change things like the Word of Wisdom, and to invite his friends to the baptism. He is still on the radar, but needs work.

I also got to skype my family. It's so weird and cool to see how old and different and still the same everyone is! Never underappreciate family or family pictures. They are the among most precious of things on this Earth.

Well, that's all this week!

Just kidding! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all you mothers out there! Mom, Grandma Betty, Grandma Vada, Grandma Gines, Nana, Nana, and all the other moms who have and are making me who I am! I hope you enjoyed your day. You are so special to me! I love you!

That's all this week. I know the gospel is true! It brings peace, hard work, charity, faith, and hope to our lives! I know Jesus Christ lives and loves all of us. Keep true to the faith!

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

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