Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear family and friends,
I learned that the official name of a person from Sligo is ''Sligonian''. Who'dove thunk?

So, to catch up on the past 2 weeks... and big news at the end...

2 weeks ago, we had an awesome experience with a woman named Moirade . We traveled to a small town outside of Sligo, knocked 2 doors, and nobody answered, but the 3rd door we knocked, this woman answered and she was probably the most prepared conversation I have ever had. She asked the right questions, we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and she asked for our contact info, and said things like she didn't practice her faith, but ''I guess now is maybe the best time for me to investigate this.'' It was very cool. We are going back to see her near the end of this week. Not much else happened that week.

Oh! So 2 weeks ago, and this week, we were teaching Sean, our miracle man, and he has been getting up early, reading the Book of Mormon, and praying every morning! I was blown out of the water! He has been very accepting of our message and, although a ton of it is new to him, he has demonstrated great faith in learning and asking questions and his actions. We are still trying to help his family accept that he wants to join the Church, which is the only thing in the way it seems at the moment. I have great faith that Sean will be baptized in the future.

Also, for my last P-Day in Sligo... we went to Strandhill Beach and found a jellyfish and some small crabs. Then I went jumping down the sand dunes and it was a blast! Although none of the other elders wanted to do it with me, so it was kind of awkward jumping down the dunes with a bunch of little kids... but hey that's life I suppose. Elder Banks burned his suit because it was the end of his mission. It was intense! We made a makeshift suit frame of sorts to stand it up, made out of a tree branch, drenched it in some white spirit, and lit it with a shirt torch. I will send pictures and video to you as soon as I find a new enough computer to work with my camera... :l

We also went to teach a woman named Betty, and she is prepared as well, but right before we came by her sister was diagnosed with cancer, and so we gave her some comfort and will wait 'til next week to hopefully teach her more. Brother Tiernan is still hilarious! :) On Saturday, we had a baptismal interview for Tom, who has been taught by the Mullingar elders for a few weeks. He passed, and he is good to be baptized next Saturday. Woohoo!!! :) Also, at Eagles Flying, we really connected with the people working there, and taught them a bit about the Church. Hopefully in the futre, there will be ample teaching opportunities for our friends there.
Yesterday, I got pictures and signatures from all the members there, just in case I was moving. It was a very emotionally charged day. And now, the news you all have been waiting for... Elder Erickson is... Staying and is TRAINING for the 2nd time IN SLIGO! :)

As for myself,

I will be leaving my very dear home in Sligo and will be serving in the Brdige of Don ward in Aberdeen! HOW COOL IS THAT? I will be serving with Elder Johnson as senior companion. Time for a little more responsibility as President put it. I'm excited to move to a new area and hopefully make a good impression and work hard there to build the ward and serve them in any way I can. 
It's double spacing now. Dumb. 

Anyways, that's the news for this week. I hope you all are well! I know the Church is true, no matter where you go or what active members you meet, the Church is true. Like Elder Boyd K. Packer said, ''Follow the Brethren'' and you will know it is true. I love the Lord! I love His work! I'm not afraid to get my shoes and trousers a little dirty to make it happen. Stay faithful my dear beloved family!
Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

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