Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hey guys! the shift key on this keyboard is so small, so i just won't worry about it. :) i have arrived safely, and made many new friends! elder schuben gave me a pen: that's the one thing i forgot to take, a silly old pen. i also have much in common with elder de vries. i got about two solid hours of sleep on the flight here! so i will probably take a nap soon. i can't wait to get started! there is so much learn! i saw grandpa and grandma and i got to say hi to them and hug them. i hope i get to see them tomorrow in the temple! p-days are wednesdays here in the england mtc. I will mail more to you then! I love you all! tell the ward i say ''hi''. :)
Elder Hunter
P.S.... Kirk out.

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