Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey y'all!
The work is going forward quickly!  The bus ride to the mission home (not a train) was about 3 hours long.  On the way there, we stopped for breakfast, and I ordered a "breakfast bap", which is basically two buns with 4 ingredients in the middle.  I ordered black pudding.  It looked like a little chocolate lava cake, like the ones from dominos.  Much to my surprise, it was made of meat.  Elder De Vries (from Edmonton, Canada) was very surprised that I ordered it, and refused to tell me what it was and what was in it until I finished it.  Much more to my surprise, it was blood pudding, or blood sausage.  And, to my super duper uber surprise, it wasn't that bad. :)  I also had Haggis my first night at Bishop Black's house.  Can you believe it?  The first night?  It was actually very good!  Apparently, the sheep's stomach thing is kind of an ancient days thing, more of an old-fashioned tradition.  Sister Black just cooked it in a pot, and substituted some spices in for other ingredients.  The food isn't bad, but be grateful for what you have!  Our meals are a more rushed experience. :' (but it's to give the time we have to the work of the Lord.)
I have never missed anyone more than in the last 5 days of my life.  It's hard not coming home to family, or to friends, or to Aaron or Braun or Jake or Alex or Colby or Preston or Ryan or anybody else!  It's just me and my companion.  My senior companion/trainer's name is Elder Boehme, and he is a very spiritual and compassionate person.  He prays for long stretches of time, and in 5 minutes of study, he can pull out so much insight on one small passage.  He is from Mesa, Arizona.  He is a very hard worker, and is a super good missionary.  He is good at street contacting.  I'm not.  That is something I am struggling a lot with.  I am good at saying hi and being friendly to people on the streets, but I am struggling with keeping a conversation and sharing the gospel.  It is difficult because a lot of people reject us just because of the badge we wear.  A lot of people lie and make excuses just to tell us no politely.  Elder Boehme is very good at catching them in their lies though.  Very good. :)
So I am in.... drumroll............

Greenfaulds!  Which is in...

Cumbernauld!!!  Which is in...

Glasgow!!!!!  It's sweet! (which is in Scotland by the way).  The train ride over was about 2-3 hours i think, but it's almost directly west of edinburgh, where the mission home is.  The ties we wore in the picture are the mission ties.  On our ties it says "SIM" (scotland/ireland mission) and under that is our mission motto, "act well thy part", which basically means whatever you were sent to the Scotland/Ireland mission for, whatever specific reason that is, do it well.  This motto is a huge help because it gives me courage that the Lord sent me here for a purpose, and that I can be successful if I follow His commandments and look for the people that He has prepared.  Many people just accept a card or have a small conversation with us, but as Representatives of Jesus Christ, we not only teach those that are ready, but plant seeds to prepare people for when they are ready.  So I live in a flat, and it has 5 rooms-- the kitchen, the living room, the big closet room, the bedroom, and the bathroom.  It's not bad!  We have plenty of space.  The people of Scotland are amazing!  The older people I feel are more hard-hearted and set in their ways of living, and are unwilling to change.  MOST of them, not all, but most.  The younger people are more willing to learn the truth for themselves, and are often much easier to talk to.  They are more honest, and even though the neds try to take a mick out of us, we still end up teaching them something about the gospel.  I hope I get better at street contacting!  It's a struggle, but I know I can do it!  1 Nephi 3:7, also 2 Nephi 2: 8-9.  Those have helped me a lot.  I am so hot though!  I wore the clothes Aunt Lish gave me, and I was sweating very hard!  It's actuallly pretty nice right now in Scotland.  What else.... oh yeah, we are teaching a lot of families from other places in the world.  There is the Romaninan family, who is the best flippin' ever!  They are very well versed in their scriptures (especially Mihai their dad), and so is Elder Boehme.  They are very accepting of the gospel of Jesus Christ and are receiving it with understanding from the scriptures and the Holy Spirit.  Without the spirit, no missionary work would happen effectively.  Non!  Bro. Catell is quite funny.  He's the ward missionary leader, and he helps us with a lot of joint teaches, which is lessons with a member present.  I love you all, especially my family!  Say hello to my friends.  I love the gospe, I love the work, and I love the Lord!
Elder Hunter

ps kirk out!

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