Friday, September 13, 2013

Yeah, I got to see Grandpa and Grandma when I arrived here! It was great! I have learned so much in my experiences here so far! I took a few pictures, so I'll try to send those to you! I've introduced some of the missionaries to him, and they were a bit surprised! :) i know why missionaries never capitalize, at least in europe! the left shift key... agh! anyways, that makes sense, i was wondering why the old audio-visual presentation was playing, that really confused me. we've roleplayed a lot, and you'll have to tell me if your experience was different, because we don't teach memorized lessons and stuff. we learn the material under (basically) bullet points, if you read preach my gospel, it will basically tell you everything! chapters 3 and 10  are basically the bomb. oh yeah...... sister loynes ( one of our teachers {she's from ireland!]) gave me a study journal... aka notebook. :) no time for napping though! you are right. so my companions are elder wrenger, from germany, and elder defriez, from, willard utah (not elder de vries, who i mentioned earlier was my flight companion buddy, and their names sound exactly the same!) they are the best! elder jens wrenger (whose name is pronounced, YENZ VRANGER) speaks english very, very well! he does not think so, but he does. and elder defriez reminds me a lot of aaron because he is calm, collected, intelligent, fun, and kind. ok, so the old aaron taylor was more calm and collected, but he's still a better man than he was! anyways, sorry, sidetrack! I find that using the caps lock key is a good substitute for shift. I might be able to get used to that! :) life is good here, and i am feeling the spirit like never before! i love it! anyways, i've got to go, i'll email karli in a little bit. i love you all!!!
Elder Hunter
p.s. kirk out
p.p.s. teaching by the spirit!!! i love it!

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