Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear family and friends,

This week was a fantastic week! Monday and Tuesday, Elder Butler, Elder Boswell, and I did work in the Finglas ward because Elder Dustin left on Sunday. I met a lot of African people. I felt the Spirit strongly during a lesson with 2 recent converts (both African) and their friend. Elder Butler decided to make it a testimony lesson, and, reflecting back on my testimony and experiences, I realized how much the Lord has done for me, and how much I really love Him and my family and other really close friends back home.

On Wednesday, we walked through the Botanical Gardens in Dublin - they were beautiful! When you get old, you appreciate plants more. I mean *older. Then I picked up my new companion, Elder Jackson, from the bus station. We drove for about 45 minutes from Dublin and then I got a call from the Finglas elders - I had their keys, and they had my suitcase! *slap my forehead* So we drove back, exchanged stuffs, then we drove to Mullingar.
Thursday was a great day: we met with Bazil, and he basically knows he wants to be baptized, but is still procrastinating it. He came to Church on Sunday though. He loved it! Brother Tiernan is so funny, and his loud, unshushable laugh is too contagious!
Friday, we met with Yolande, who grew up with Mormons - her dad is a Latter-Day Saint - and she wants to quit smoking and follow Christ more. She has a lot of different beliefs in ghosts, but had an experience in her youth that gave her a strong belief in Christ. We also met with a Ghanan (Elder Moffit, I'm teaching your people) couple, Alison and Francis. They are so golden! Alison was asking questions like - why are there so many churches, how does she know if a prophet is a real prophet, she talked about the changing of the Bible over time... she is great! Francis was a bit quieter, but he seems amenable to learning, and the Spirit was there. We also had a good lesson with two young men named Tom and Rickie - excited to teach both of them again. Oh yeah, we taught Alison on Saturday. On Saturday, Ed gave us his Baptismal certificate - he wants to get his name removed the records. :( The members of the branch said he goes through ups and downs, though, so I pray that's what's going on with him. We also met with a former that Elder Dustin and Elder Phippen taught, Francis. He is an African who came over as a ''missionary'' - unofficially called, but self-proclaimed. He has a good knowledge of the Bible, and is quite friendly, and is very enthusiastic and friendly - he gave us spaghetti (or scabetty, as I called it when I was younger). He thinks he is a prophet - but he loves the Book of Mormon, and loves to expound a LOT.
Sunday - Bazil came to Church, and his friend Tobi was supposed to come. When Tobi didn't come, I could see the disappointment in Bazil's face. It broke my heart. I know the Lord will bless him for his efforts to do missionary work. He is still really good. I hope he gets baptized before June - and I'm going to work hard to help that happen.

Well, that's all for this week! I hope you all can endure my long email. Anyways, I love you all, and don't be afraid to mail me! I still haven't received any mail the last two transfers or this one... but no complaints! The emails have been absolutely wonderful. 'Til next week! :)

Elder Devin Jay Hunter

P.S. Our branch is doing a weekly Preach My Gospel study night with the members, which I am so excited about! It starts this Tuesday. More on this class next week! :)
P.P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. Happy Easter! I know He lives- and that He loves me.

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