Monday, October 21, 2013

Sorry about the rubbish letter last week!  This one should be much better!  What a crazy week it was!  The best news of the week is... Steffan is getting baptized!  (who is the cousin of Mihai the younger and Sorin!)  Such fantastic news, and it's a huge help to us because it sets a good example for his family in Cumbernauld!  We are going to invite them to his baptism this Saturday, and hopefully they will have renewed determination to get married and progress towards baptism!
I apologize right now - my mind is a bit muddled from yesterday because Elder Boehme and I were suddenly wrought upon by the flu Sunday morning. :(  It helped me see the difference between a day spent in the service of the Lord and a day spent immobilized at home.  So my mind is still pretty muddled.  It was a great week though!  We were sent a lot of prepared children by the Lord, and I could tell the Spirit was directing many of the conversations we had with strangers on the street.  We met one lady named Linda who said she had recently turned to God and she wanted us to come by again.  She believes that our showing up at her door could be no coincidence.  Saturday was probably one of my favorite days the entire mission so far!  We were checking out former investigators and less actives in the Kildrum area and we met a woman from (mom, you're going to love this) Portugal!  I told her I knew obrigado and sim, por favor.  It was cool!  We taught her about family home evening, and she said she holds something like that every week!  She also said she was a Christian, and she would like for us to come by this week!  She also has an adorable son named Thomas who is very open, honest, and full of energy!  He told us we were boring, and kept asking his mom when they were going to go.  She reminded me a lot of my mom at home though.  When we asked her if we could pray with her, and asked her if there was anybody in her life who could use a prayer, Thomas jumped in and asked us to pray for his goldfish.  He's not been looking too good. :I  The only barrier that we could see so far was that Kristina explained her husband might not want us over.  He drinks, and Thomas even asked us to pray for him that he would not explode because of his belly... Sometimes it's hard not to laugh.  But I can't wait to teach her and her family!  We also met a man named Duncan Drew.  He is the father of a less-active member Isobella Drew, and she is currently in the hospital.  We had a good conversation with him about the priesthood and priesthood blessings, and he was very interested and was accepting to the truths we taught.  He told us that Isobella had received a blessing before, and he thought that it had helped.  We offered to give her a blessing, and he said he would discuss it with Isobella, and then text us.  Later, we received a text from him inviting us over to give her a blessing and asked us if there was a service at our church that he could atttend!  It was also really cool, because he said he had seen me before, and was trying to figure out where from.  We taught him about the Pre-Earth life, and I suggested that he might know me from there, and it meant that I was supposed to come here and teach him the gospel.  He accepted what we taught and agreed that might be the case.  It's been a GREAT WEEK!  Well, my brain is hardly functioning right now, so I'll end my letter there!  Thanks so much for the letters and for all your support!  I promise to write back everyone next week when I am feeling well enough to do so!
Elder Devin Jay Hunter

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