Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well here goes! This week has been super crazy and fun and stressful and full of awesome things! We are teaching a man named John McCormick who found a ''Truth Restored'' card and he was very inspired by it. It uplifted him, and when he saw us walking in the street, he asked for a pamphlet, and we were barely able to get an address from him. Well, we taught him again, and he seems to be accepting of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We extended a baptismal invitation for November 23rd. He accepted tentatively, saying he wants to be fully committed to it before he is baptized. He doesn't want to commit to something he doesn't believe in, which is exactly what we want! So we have faith he will come to know the gospel is true and be ready to be baptized by Novemeber 23rd! It's SO EXCITING! We are also still teaching Blair, the boyfriend of our less-active friend, Yolande, who is recently becoming interested in the gospel again. Blair honestly wants to learn more, and find out for himself if the gospel is true, so we are teaching him more and more this week. 

We are also teaching a man named Peter who is interested in learning, a woman named Lynn who is currently helping her nephew in a tough situation, and the Romanians as well! We are meeting the Romanians at 2:00 at the church this week on Tuesday with the lds employment missionaries to help them get a better job situation so... they can afford to get married! :) They are a great family, living humbly, and lots of fun. They also accept the gospel and the Book of Mormon as the Word of God. They even know that living together is a sin. So... we invited them to sleep in different rooms until they were married. But, no surprise from the Romanians,... they already are! :) They are great. 
I have grown a lot in confidence this week. I have had many opportunities to lead out in lessons and try to be less timid in talking to people, especially in lessons. On friday, Elder Boehme went to the Glasgow area with Elder Andrus (a zone leader), and Elder Walhquist, and Elder Van Den Bron, the other Zone Leader, came to Cumbernauld to teach with me. It was a humbling and quite scary experience to have to lead out for a day and set all the appointments, find the houses, and decide where we were going that day. I got lost twice! :l But we eventually found our way. After that, I felt more confident in my ability to contribute and to teach as a missionary. It was a relief to have Elder Boehme back. :)
We have so much fun here in Cumbernauld! We sing songs and make up songs together, because we both love singing, and we make jokes, mess around, and it really helps us work together in unity. We work hard every day, and it's tough to fit everything we want to do every day! But the Lord always sends us someone who needs to hear the gospel. The Church is true. It is amazing to feel the Spirit all the time, and it is very noticeable when it leaves because of a contentious or distracting environment.
ABDOMINAL CHURCH. I had to show Elder Boehme that one. :) Our diet is starting to branch out to include Pasta, meat from the Romanians, and ALL THE BEANS THEY GAVE US! Holy cow, I have never seen so many cans of beans in my life. We have about 30 at our flat now. The Romanians are great. :) The members also provide dinners and leftovers every week, which we are EXTREMELY grateful for.

We are also teaching a couple, Richmond and Winnie, who are Seventh Day Adventists, and they gave us a book to read about how the Sabbath should be on Saturday. It's pretty much their main thing, it's even a part of their title. That seems to be his biggest concern, but Winnie seems more receptive to the truths the Spirit teach her, and even stated or observed that the Book of Mormon and the Bible go hand in hand. I really hope and have faith that they will accept the truths of the restored gospel.
Well, that's all for this week. I love you all, thank you for the letters you have written me and the emails! I greatly appreciate them! I'm sorry this week's letter was short, but I only had about 20 minutes to write it! I will write in my journal and bring my thoughts with me next week so you can better understand the great miracles and work that is ongoing in Cumbernauld.
I love you all! I love the work! I love the Lord Jesus Christ and His mercy and I'm thankful for His atoning sacrifice that allows me to be a better person! Don't be afraid to get involved in the missionary work at home! It will bless and make your life happier if you do! Have a great week, 'Murica.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

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