Monday, October 7, 2013

Time for the weekly letter!  Where to begin?  I am making a lot of progress this week, and I am much more confident in my ability to teach!  Elder Boehme and I are working in unity a lot more than last week, and we are good friends now.  I feel like we have a good, honest relationship, and we work and talk well together.  He is a pretty funny guy!
I'll be honest, something has been bugging me this week, something vitally important to my soul.
Dinner. :)
We often wait until 9 o'clock to eat dinner and it cuts into daily planning time a bit, and then we get to bed late, around 10:40-11:00.  I think it affects my health when we do that too, but I'm not sure.  It's interesting, because the Lord sends us the most interested and prepared of His children during those times we skip dinner.  I know he recognizes the sacrifice we make, but He still wants us to obey the rules He has give us.  So I'll try harder to eat this week.... I mean.....

The Romanians are doing really well!  We are still hoping and praying for them to find the means, one way or another, to be married!  We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Sunday, and the Word of Wisdom earlier this week on Tuesday.  They are willing to stop smoking and drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol, and we have faith that they can do this as well!  Stewart and Teresa headed to Florida yesterday, and we won't see them for about two weeks!  I'm secretly hoping that Stewart is taking Teresa to Florida to propose... unlikely, but it's a good thought. :)  We will see them two mondays from now!  We are also meeting with a kindly woman named Lynn.  She had knee surgery two thursdays ago.  When we first met her, she was moving to a new flat.  We learned she was having surgery later that week, so we followed up on it afterwards by giving her a call.  Elder Boehme has taught her once, and she is really nice and receptive to us by what he tells me.  We also met this cool guy named Peter who is really interested in learning about the prophet, and we hope to meet with him soon!  It's amazing because we have so many less-active members who are re-activating!  Yolande, a Jamaican member who hasn't been for a while, has faith in Christ and I think she's starting to realize that she does have a testimony.  We just started teaching her, and this week we started teaching her boyfriend, Blaire.  He is knowledgeable about Bible stories, and is interested in learning about the gospel and going to church.  He and Yolande came to the 5:00 (Sunday morning) session we broadcasted at our church building, and they seemed to really like it.  Yolande is taking a driving test tomorrow, which I believe decides if she gets her license or not.  She was really nervous before General Conference before she came, and after watching it, she said she felt more at peace about her test.  I have confidence she can pass it.

And now I indent, because I know how long paragraphs tend to cause people, especially myself, to skim them.

Life is still good!  I am getting better at football, and had a few awesome saves as the keeper!  (We play football every saturday morning, and invite investigators and less-actives to come join in the fun and fellowship with other members and elders [and the stake president!]).  I am a bit sore today, but that is totally fine.  I love looking at the pictures I have of home.  It's a blessing to be able to see someone's face when they are miles and miles and miles away.  I have found one of the best ways to start a meaningful conversation with anyone is by talking about family history.  We found this guy who was basically a kind, caring, genuine version of Al from Al's Toy Barn.  We hope to talk to him more later!

So the reason I said that Elder Boehme taught Lynn is because this week was exchanges!  I went with Elder Parsons, who works in Airdrie, and we taught a girl named Kayleigh, who is hopefully going to be baptized on the 12th!  I can see how the gospel has influenced her life.  We also taught Stephan (stef-FAWN) and his family, who are related to the Romanians in Cumbernauld (Stephan is Milhai the older's son) and he is ready to be baptized as well!

I find a lot of my reporting to you all is about the people I am teaching, and I hope it means I am applying Matthew 16:25 like I'm supposed to!  I love you all, and I thank you for the letters and other news that I am getting from you!  I hope to hear more next week!

Love, Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S.  Kirk out
P.P.S. Tell Papa I love him!

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