Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Steffan, unfortunately decided not to become baptized this week. He seems to be lacking in his testimony of the Book of Mormon. Hopefully he can realize that this is the right thing for him to do, and he will become baptized. But for this week, no.
 And, it's almost been 6 weeks out here in the field! It has been fantastic, and it definitely feels like I've been serving the Lord for way longer than that. Elder Boehme and I joke around whenever we talk about our families "You have a mom? You're a missionary! Missionaries have moms?" It really is kind of surreal sometimes. It really cheers me up when I have the opportunity to hear from all of you! This week we met with Duncan, Isabella, and Kenny again, and they accepted the baptismal date of December 18th! How great is that!? We are also meeting with some more Romanians, the Carpacis, and they are quite a handful. Fanel, the older father, is somewhat accepting of our teachings, but wants to read and pray to find out for himself if it is from God. Marius, the younger father, is having trouble accepting the fact that God has a wife, and requested that we teach him about David and bible stories instead. We want to help them progress, so it will be interesting to see where they go from here.
Great news! Pupa, who is Sorin's wife, came to church with her family this week! She is the only adult who came, and this was a great surprise to me. She normally is in the kitchen cooking and preparing food (not our idea, but it's their culture) and then, when she's done, she'll come in and listen. But she was the "man" this week and came to church all by her lonesome! It was a real miracle. We are hoping the Anghels will get married soon, and hope they find a good job, so they can find the means to do so.
This wednesday, for Moves day, Elder Boehme and I are planning on buying Kilts in Glasgow! I hope they make them with Hunter tartans, which I'm pretty confident that they do.
Prayer also really does work as well. I have had so many experiences where I didn't know what to plan to teach an investigator, and during or after kneeling down to pray to my Heavenly Father, I have had impressions come that have turned out to be great experiences for the investigators and for myself. Also, a man named Jaime in Airdrie said to me as we were having lunch in McDonalds... "I know you from somewhere." It's really weird, I want to spell that MacDonalds.
My language has also changed a bit from being in America. I find that I speak a bit faster at times, because that's how many people speak here. It's Aye instead of yes, and a wee bit or a wee child. I thought that the weather would be a whole lot harder to deal with than Utah, but so far, it's pretty similar! :) I can't wait for when it gets colder and hopefully, snowier! As Karli said she is wishing too. :) My confidence is waxing stronger everyday, and I am always striving to become a better missionary and rely on the Spirit so much more! I learned this week that relying on the Spirit doesn't just mean listening for thoughts and impressions that come to mind as we're teaching someone. It also means putting your faith in the Lord and relaxing a bit. Relaxation will be my key focus this week - Learning how to teach calmly, collected, and with the Spirit.
I am really hoping that as we work hard, we will see more miracles this week, and I know that the Lord blesses us according to our obedience. I am so thankful for all the letters I have been receiving, and the e-mails! I appreciate them, and I hope you will keep mailing me, because it helps more than you realize. Love you all! I know the Church is true, and that true happiness and strength is found inside it. I know Joseph Smith was a Propther of God. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God on the Earth today. Stay strong in the gospel, be kind to your family, and don't eat Romanian pork fat bars, because they're disgusting.
Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

While I was on exchanges to Airdie on friday, I happened upon this sign inside a taxi... I could'n't let this one go undocumented. :)

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