Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear family and friends,

Another week has gone by in Sligo, and good things are happening. We saw Sean on Saturday, and we were again pleasantly surprised by his reaction and his story. It turns out he has had missionaries on and off for years, but never really went through with it. The last Elder he met was Elder Wallace, which, according to President Cunnane and Sister Ducusin, had to be before 2007 at least. Sometime this year, Sean was looking on the Internet, and happened upon a video of a young person opening their mission call, and started watching more of them, which led to more exploration of the Church. He watched some of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Bible Videos, and even the District! :) Then he made it to Church on Sunday, and he made friendships with a lot of members, especially with our young 18-year-old recent convert named Evan, who he had a good lengthy conversation with. In Sunday School with him and with another less-recent convert, Michel, who is a refugee from Togo, we had a lesson planned on the Holy Ghost. I'm glad we did, because we found out that although Sean has a strong desire and determination, he has learned little of what we are going to teach him; the Catholic church was his childhood church, and he says it was ''bet'' (which I think means beaten) into him. He was very surprised and intrigued by the nature of the Godhead, but picked up on it quickly, which is a good sign. So we'll keep up on him.

Anyways, the ward here is great! There is the Branch President, Donal Cunnane, (I haven't met his wife though) and then the amazing Ducusin couple, a young Filipino couple who lead the youth program, and our ward mission leader, Joe Tiernan, a cheerful, humorous old man with much spring in his step, are just a few of the members here. It is a bit strange using a car - it is a good opportunity for getting to know Elder Dustin, and it is fantastic for transportation, but it also makes GQ-ing a bit different, because we can't walk everywhere.

Basil didn't make it to Church, but we're going to call him and find out what's going on. Among Basil, there is a less-active half-Catholic New Yorker named Ed, an older man who is taking things really slow but is reading consistently named Morris, and, which is really cool, a man named Tabby. Tabby is a world-famous rock star who made it to the final round of X Factor in its first season. He is very honest, seeking truth, and is obsessed with finding out what the truth is. He is also very energetic and has seen the corruption high up where he was in the music world, with immoral influences and people being abused, and now has a great sense of charity and genuine love. He has great potential.

Well, that's all for this week. I also studied Moroni 10, and learned a lot about the gifts of the Spirit and the different ways answers and witnesses of God can come. We all have different talents and gifts from the Spirit, and they can be used to greatly benefit others. I have the gift of music, and I am working hard to prepare hymns to play in the Branch on Sunday. I challenge each of you to ponder on what gifts the Lord has given you, and then to make a goal to use it in the service of someone else.

I also was pondering on the case of Sean, and I had an interesting thought - because of one person that accepted the call to serve the Lord, and then shared it with others around the world through simply posting it online, and then many others doing the same, a man has come to desire to join the Church. We are all becoming more connected through media and worldwide communications, and the little things we do to share the Gospel can result in souls being brought to learn about the Gospel. I know that simply sharing the Gospel can bring blessings to countless lives, now in different countries even. I know that the Lord leads His Church and His Work.

Have a great week! Thanks for your prayers and emails. I love you all at home, and abroad!

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out! :)

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