Monday, March 10, 2014

Dear family, friends, and all loved ones,

This week has been SO crazy! It started with the move to Sligo - we took a bus to the ferry, which was the most miserable bus ride of my life! It was quite enjoyable country scenery on both sides, and we came by the ocean as well! But, I suddenly, out the blue, started feeling really queasy, and I had to migrate back to the bathroom of the bus. There, I commenced in swaying and sitting and kneeling 'til, finally, I threw up. Then I went back to my seat, and then I started feeling sick again, but I never threw up again. Then the ferry ride was pretty good and scenic, where I met up with some old missionary friends: Elder De Vries, whom I sat by on the airplane ride over; Thomas, the missionary from my group that was alone in the Provo MTC; Sister Kline, one of the sister training leaders in Scotland; Elder Barney, a choir tour friend; and a few others who I made friends with. Then, when I arrived in Dublin, I was warmly welcomed by Elder Dustin, Elder Elliot, and, oh yeah, I met Elder Banks on the way over as well. They make up our district, as well as the zone leaders, Elder Lee and Elder Scott, but they are too far away to attend District meeting each week, so it's just us and Mullingar mostly.

Anyways, Elder Elliot drove to Mullingar, with Elder Dustin and I squished against each other in the back of the old Mireva, and then I drove to Sligo. I am the designated driver, and Elder Dustin's license already expired, so I will be driving for a few weeks. We also had to drive the long 3-4 hour drive for the sessions of stake conference, which were fantastic. Our investigator Basil attended (pronounced bu-ZIL, like Brazil without the r). We also had a miracle with a man named Sean  who pulled up next to us in the Dunnes parking lot right as we were walking by. He asked if Elder Wallace was still here, and then introduced himself and his situation. He asked if there was a way for blind people to read the Bible. We told him about Gospel Library, and he thanked us. He has troubles reading on his own, so those will benefit him greatly. Then he told us he talked to the Branch President, President O' Farrell, about joining the Church, and said he had to talk with us as well. Next will be his wife. Then he gave us his phone number, and drove off. We were so surprised! Elder Dustin has never met this guy, and he has never even heard of Elder Wallace. Anyways, that's all for this week. Thanks for the love and support and emails and prayers. I love you very much! Have a great week.
Elder Devin Jay Hunter

P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. My new mailing address is 8 Old Mill, Sligo, Sligo County, Ireland
Tanks! :)

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