Monday, March 3, 2014

I am sorry, I spent a lot of time writing my family and taking care of moves affairs, but moves' call was yesterday. And....

I am moving to...

Sligo, Ireland! :) With Elder Dustin!

Slygo, Ireland is in the Dublin zone, and it is a small branch where Elder Tinsley (the current Assistant to the President, and, we also just learned, Elder Boehme is being trained to be the new other AP this transfer!) said that there are ''not many people, and that I will make friends with many deer and rabbits while I'm out there''. I am looking forward to it! This might also mean that Elder Dustin and I will be leading the branch! President Brown or Elder Tinsley also informed me that there is no pianist there, so very likely I may be the new branch pianist for sunday! Which means A LOT MORE PRACTICING ON THE KEYBOARD! It's crazy how these things work out with my own talents and the keyboard being given to me... :) Elder Dustin is a very experienced missionary who I have not met yet, but apparently there is no more loving missionary than he. I will miss Cumbernauld quite a bit, Elder Christensen, the ward, Stephen, Joe, Bridy, Betty, Nick and Lee, Mary Whitton, Brother McGuinness, and so many more people! More next week when I arrive. I love you all! Please write me letters as well, I have not received a letter since January, and I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I am grateful for what I have, but I would love letters from anyone or everyone that would like to send them! I can't complain though, because I get usually around 15 emails each week (7 from missionaries, and 8 from President and others), so it's pretty good. I love you all, go Meadow's Ward Missionary Army, and have a great week! I know the gospel is true. I also know the healing power of the Savior's Atonement, and that he can also heal us through others. For example, I gave Elder Christensen a back massage to help relax (because he is training a new missionary in Cumbernauld this upcoming transfer, and the next transfer as well,) and he has stepped on my back to straighten it and help it crack, so it feels better and is less sore. At least, I hope that is good for my back... anyways... ) Have a great week! I LOVE YOU, friends, family, and brothers and sisteren in the work.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. Sligo might not be spelled right.
P.P.P.S. I just looked it up. It is spelled right. :)

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