Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear family and friends,

Due to this being Elder Jackson's last P-Day and my time being mostly taken up by emailing my family, this email might be a bit short, so don't get short with me when it's not very long.

Monday, Yolanda and Jade finally met President Cunnane, and we had a good lesson on Tithing, in which we showered Jade with Haribo packets.

Tuesday, We had a good district meeting, and I went to Mullingar to work with Elder Banks. It was funny because we saw a video of him when he was back at home and he had a goatee. It fit him very well, but it was still funny to see.

Wednesday, we had a blitz with Mullingar, in which they taught Sean, the miracle man McGowan. He fasted and prayed about how to get his family in on the fact that he seriously wants to join the Church. We will be seeing him again hopefully in a few weeks. He fasted and prayed, and he's not even a member/current investigator. It's so cool! He says he will tell his wife again soon.

Thursday, we taught Yolanda and Jade about obedience, tatoos, lip piercings, the Word of Wisdom, Church, and baptism. It was very scattered but still ended up as an informative lesson.

Friday, Elder Jackson and I met with a recent convert, and it was super interesting. We were supposed to do Family History that morning, but he called us and asked if we could meet, so we agreed and met at the church. When he walked in, he was visibly drunk. We started teaching him, but it was clear that he wasn't in the right state of mind, and he started getting really pushy (verbally) and saying horrible things about Joseph Smith and things, and was about to get up to leave, but as he did, he staggered to the right, bumped into some chairs, and then fell through some chairs to his left and slowly became unconscious. It just kind of stunned me at first, but after feeling his pulse and making sure he was breathing, we called an ambulance and they came and took him to the hospital. It was pretty scary.

Saturday, We met with Yolanda a third time and taught her about praying often and Baptism and Confirmation. Her understanding is solid, and I think Jade is soaking in a lot, and she retains a lot of information. We decided to wait 'til after she comes to the Church the first time before we set a date with her.

Sunday, nobody came to Church (no investigators or less actives, I mean), but we're still working hard to get people there. We taught a nice Filipino man named Willy who does a thing called Couples for Christ and he is brilliant. He appreciates the Book of Mormon and took a lot from it when we read with him. Expect to hear more about Willy soon. I'm looking forward to teaching him. We also didn't teach Shupai, but we're teaching her again next Sunday.

That's all this week! A lesson learned: never ever ever ever drink alcohol or it will ruin your life.
I know this Church is true, and I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of His children, and He's watching over everyone and gives all of us great gifts every day. I know the Atonement works. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!

The rooftop view from our bathroom window, looking towards the Quay Shopping Centre

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