Thursday, July 3, 2014

This week was crazy! The greatest thing that happened was that Jade came to church... BY HERSLEF!!! She said that she would definitely be there... and her word was good. Sister Benson picked her up at 10:15, and then they drove to Church. Sacrament meeting was really interesting... so Elder Jackson and I offered to give sacrament talks... and I spoke after Brother Tiernan and Sister Holmes bore their testimony. I gave one of the best talks I have written on personal experiences knowing the Church is true, and the gifts of the Spirit in Moroni 10. It was really good, but towards the end, I started to feel sick... and I was about to throw up, so I told everyone I felt like I had to throw up, and awkwardly slunk off toward the bathroom. I didn't end up having to throw up, but Elder Jackson just got up and gave his talk. It was really good. I think that Heavenly Father was telling me ''time's up''! But that's just a theory. :) The new missionary is going to be Elder Erickson, who has been out a little over a year. He will be the new district leader. Elder Robison also went home on medical leave. I will miss him and Elder Jackson very much, but I am excited to serve with Elder Erickson. Hopefully Yolanda will mom up and go to church next week and Jade and her can support each other in learning the Gospel. Well, that's all for this week! I'll tell you about Elder De Vries in the hospital for 3 days next week, because we don't have much time, and we have to go pick him up, and I'm in Dublin right now with Elder Bailey and Elder Reece. Sorry this one isn't very long, but that's why. I love you all! I know Christ leads His Church through a modern, living Prophet, and that if you get a bad trial, that means that the Lord trusts you to learn from it, so it is a great opportunity. I love you all! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out.
P.P.S. I met Elder Chris Bernier's convert, Elder James Thomas Reece, in Baldoyle, Dublin (he's serving there with Elder Cziesla). I found this out last night. Somebody tell him please! :) He is a way cool missionary. Love yous all! ={)

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