Monday, July 28, 2014

Dear brethren and sisteren,

This week Elder Erickson and I worked hard to help Yolanda progress, but soon we will have to drop her and just teach Jade. We invited her to church again, but she did not show.

We met some great people in a place called Dromohair. Elder Erickson suggested we go there, and so we drove the 15 minutes or so, arrived in town, and, I being the driver, and I tried to follow the Spirit to discern where to go. We ended up in a nice neighborhood, and, after knocking 15 doors or so, this woman opened the door, and we introduced ourselves. Then she said she her husband was a member. ''I am the wife of Roman.'' I racked my brain, then realized that it was the house of the 1st counselor. Then we found a very good potential 3 doors down or so named Allison who is extremely prepared and I am excited to teach her, as well as a very prepared potential named Clodagh in the town of Sligo. Not much else happened - Elder Banks is winding down on his last transfer. Hopefully next week I will have more news, and we will be able to see people at Church! It was actually very full with the new family that moved in from the Isle of Mann! They have six children with them - two daughters who are YSA age, one a returned missionary, and four young boys.

I know the Church is true, and I know the Lord has a plan for each us, and even though it may not involve us seeing all our desires fulfilled, He does the best for us so we can be the most happy. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Devin Hunter
P.S. Kirk out! :)

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