Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey all sorry this week is a really short letter, with emailing my family there just isn't enough time to get out a lot, but we met with our Filipino investigator named Willy and he read 3 Nephi 10 instead of 3 Nephi 11 and was really confused ha ha but he said he would follow the answer he receives from God when he asks if the Book of Mormon is true he is a faithful, active Catholic (also in an organization called couples for Christ) , but is willing to change if God tells him to. He has a baptismal date for August 30.

Not much else happened this week except for an All-Ireland Conference, which was great to see Elder Christenson, Elder Boehme, and President Brown and Sister Oliphant and others from Glasgow who moved to Ireland again.

What is Ecclesiastes 9 all about, do you's think?

That's all for this week! I know the Church is true! Live it, love it, build it, laugh in it.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. You know how rushed I am when I disregard and skip punctuation and grammar yo.

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