Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear family and friends,
This week was a topsy turvy week, but it is getting back to normal. Elder Christensen and I are starting to get along better and teach more in unity. It has been a bit different than Elder Boehme, and it is one of those relationships where there has to be compromise. Elder Christensen is a very clean person, and prefers many things to be done a certain way. He is germophobic. I am not quite as particular or careful or caring about germs as he is, and so we have to meet somewhere in the middle. He is a great guy, and one of the best elders in the mission, and I think he is my first companionship where I will have to learn how to work with him and compromise certain ways that I view things, so it has been a learning experience so far. It truly testifies to me that the Gospel holds together and creates a bond between those who may not be as compatible secular-wise.

Sunday was a crazy day: we met three less active members who I've never met before, and a former investigator who wants to become involved in the Church again. We also fasted for Teresa, and guess what? Her son Matthew is turning 8 in April, and I am pretty sure he wants to be baptized. Which means I will get to teach him the missionary lessons (at least part of them!) with Elder Christensen! I hope this means that Teresa will learn from the example of her son and decide to be married, and I will pray for that in the coming weeks.
The flat has so much candy!!! I think I might be gaining half a stone or something from all the sweets. I have so much candy from members, and from my family, and from a random salon owner named David, I am just overloaded! I don't think it is healthy for me to eat as much candy as I have been downing in the past few weeks, but it is not bad!

Nerf basketball is a good stress reliever. :)

We are also still meeting with Joe, and he is still off the drink! He has been doing well, but we need to get teaching him the commandments so he will not get bored! He studied to be a priest, and studied our Church quite a bit too! One just can't trust wikipedia though.

As for the weather forecast, I have stopped looking at them, because everyday it is guaranteed it will rain! The only question I really ask is how much it will rain and if I need a scarf and beanie or not. The suits and slacks are doing me well so far!

Elder Christensen and I met a young adult whose name is Flora Robertson. She is half-English, half-French (she likes the French side better) and she used to study with the BYU Independent Study or home school program. She is now studying at Glasgow University, and she is planning on moving to California with her asian boyfriend. It was a really cool experience as we talked to her, and we shared some of the gospel with her. We didn't get a return appointment, but those people I feel like they will come into the fold of the Shepherd at one time in their life.

Please tell Lynn and Melanie that I am praying for them, and keeping them in my thoughts. I love them both so much!

Well, that's me! I think that's all for this week! Thank you so much for writing me. I can really feel your love and and your prayers as I read about your experiences and families!

Elder Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. No snow... yet!
P.P.P.S. All of 2014 I will be on my mission! :) Whoa.

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