Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear immediate, extended, and ward family and friends,

This week has seen a lot of hard work and progress in the area from our companionship. I have been making efforts to tighten in my exact obedience and to make the companionship work. Service is definitely a big key. Brother Foote told me about a lesson he learned on his mission. He had a companionship where it just wasn't working, and they were two different personalities, and it is always difficult to work with a companion with which you are not one. He told me that he spent time to serve and to get to know his companion, and after the relationship with his companion came, the rest of the work came. I have found that to be true. We work hard, and I try to support him in his testifying and the thoughts he expresses. When you make the effort to love and take care of your friendship, it comes. The other person definitely has their agency, but you will feel like you are doing everything you can. And with Elder Christensen, it has been going well.

As far as the work is concerned, our friend Joe is still meeting with us and learning. He is at a better learning capacity now that he is off the drink (no more alcohol!!! which might mean he might not offer me another beanie to take home), and he is well aware of his baptismal date for March, which we might need to make earlier, but we'll see as we continue to work with him. Our relationship with Stephen is going quite well. We have just about daily contact with him, and he sometimes calls us to see how we're doing and we can teach him a principle or two. He was the only other investigator at Church yesterday except for Teresa, and we had a recent convert who was converted in Cumbernauld but lives in Malawi, Africa and also in the Springburn ward when he is in Scotland. His name is Witness and he is a great guy, he is a strong member, and we hope to make sure he is taken care of wherever he is. That seems to be the gist of where we're working so far, and we have some good potential less actives to work with. We lost contact with the lady with the dog unfortunately, Mary. We might try by in 6 months or so. We also have kind of lost Nick and Lee as well. We will try by occasionally with them as well.

We also have some great potential investigators this week. We have a fantastic couple, Heather and Eddy, that we are teaching tonight. Eddy loves to ask questions, and he is a very sharp and curious and laughing man. Elder Christensen connects with him very well. Last week, when we chapped on Eddy's door to see if he was home, his wife, Heather, came to the door. She said was not interested at all at first, but as we testified and taught her about Eternal Families, the Spirit and the soft feelings came. She became more and more interested, and after we prayed with her, her eyes were tearing up. She invited us back to teach her and her husband. It was a truly gratifying, teaching, humbling, and testimony-building experience.

We also have had some really cool experiences with an older woman named Betty. She had been reading a book about the Trinity, and she was a wee bit confused. We taught her once about the separate but unified nature of the Godhead, and when we went back, she had been having a rough time with her brother going through a heart attack and suffering all manner of infirmities. We prayed with her, and she felt the Spirit so strong and started crying when we were leaving. The third time we came back, we were able to set up a meeting time for tomorrow, Tuesday, to teach her more about the Restored Gospel. She kindly agreed. I am SOOOO looking forward to it! :)

We still have tons of candy in the flat, and I think it has been keeping my throat scratchy since Christmas, so I'm trying to cut down on it. Candy doesn't seem to make me fat anyways, I seem to be blessed with quite a nice metabolism. But touch wood.

We also have found a bit of mold in our flat and our vacuum isn't working anymore very well, but our iron has picked up the slack. All in all Ivanhoe is holding on and doing well.

I love hearing from home! Thank you Bryan and Grandma and everybody else who has written me! I greatly appreciate it! Please don't hesitate to write me. :) Missionaries love letters. (not missionaries' love letters, mind you ;) )

I don't think there's too much more to report... WAIT!!! So it turns out that Teresa is basically waiting for Stewart to ask her to get married, and I think that she is ready, but we need to work on Stewart just a bit more. I will update you on her and Matthew very soon. They are fantastic and ready to join the ward!!! :)

I love the work, and I love the Lord. I know that this work is not possible without Him, and that He is so loving and ready to bless us if we just do what He asks and then He'll SHOWER DOWN AS MANY BLESSINGS AS HE CAN!!! (unless you're a poor soul in a trial who needs to grow a wee bit, but He still blesses us there immensely). I know this Church is true, and that it is lead by the Savior Jesus Christ through the Prophet and Church leaders. And I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. It has iced over the past 4 days or so, but no snow yet. One can only hope!

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