Monday, January 27, 2014

Dear family, friends, and brothers and sisters in the work,

This week has been one of much topsy-turviness! We are still working on the mold in our flat, and we had to move our mattresses out of the bedroom so we could sleep in a non-mold environment (I hope... :) ). We also moved our fridge and food out of the pantry room to keep it away from the large amount of mold in there. So we have been sleeping on our mattresses on the ground in the closet room. Go figure.

Short note-I found the youth music downloads on, and they are fantastic. :)

This week Joe dropped us for good. He is not ready for more of the Restored Gospel at this time. It is tough when you have been working with someone for the better part of your mission so far, and they can so harshly and abruptly end their relationship with you. It helps me understand more what Heavenly Father must feel when we sin and when we don't do the things He asks. He gets this from billions of people not only through the world, but out of the world as well.
Betty also dropped us. She said she knows what we were teaching her is true, and she hasn't given up on the Book of Mormon yet, but she says she doesn't want to be separated more than she already is from her family by changing her religion, and she can't meet with us. But she is so golden, and I know she felt the Spirit, and she knows she felt the Spirit, and I know she knows that I know that she felt the Spirit and that I know she knows she felt the Spirit. We will not give up on her though, and we will certainly try by her soon again.

But STEPHEN! Yahoo! He is progressing towards baptism well. It is such a blessing to see people exercise their agency for good and against the odds. We taught him on Wednesday, and he was taking notes and trying to remember things. But on Church he didn't show up, and I became a little worried. So when we came over last night, he told us he has been having much back pain, and he still had us over to teach him a lesson. We taught him about the priesthood and then offered him a blessing, and he accepted. He has shown great faith and diligence in following Jesus Christ our Savior, and he is excited to be baptized on February 22nd! :) I am going to pray so hard that he is kept safe from the adversary, and I know that, if he chooses it, that Stephen can have (and does have) Heavenly Father on his side. Which is pretty awesome.

We also have 7 new investigators planned for this week, which will be so cool!!! I can't wait to get more people going. :)

Guess what? Last night, right before we went to teach Stephen, Elder Van Den Bron (one of our zone leaders in Glasgow who has been here since I was born into the mission) gave us a call. He asked if this was Elder Hunter he was talking to. I gave him the affirmative. He then proceeded to tell me about an inter-faith conference held in Glasgow, in which part many religious leaders would be attending, Jewish, Muslim, probably Protestant and Catholic, and, of course, President Brown. I was a little bit curious as to why he was telling me this. He informed me of a conversation he had with the guy who set up the Missionary Charity Concert in Princes Square Shopping Center. (Remember how I played a Bruno Mars song for that guy's proposal?) This guy, who seems to be in charge of music for the Glasgow and Paisley zones or something to that effect, asked Elder Van Den Bron and Elder Andrews if there was anyone with musical talent in the zone. Elder Van Den Bron said ''Well, there's Elder Hunter.'' I have now been invited and will be playing a short 10 minute interlude of ''classical'' music of which I have never before improvised nor played.

To put it in basic perspective, in front of probably over 100 people and a few of great religious influence and representation, including President Brown, I will improvise classical and spiritual music for 10 minutes on the piano with no sheet music.

Go figure.

Anyways, thank you for all the wonderful emails, and the letter this week! I feel greatly privileged to be in a ward (or from a ward at the present moment) who has 16 missionaries currently serving, and a family with whom I can trust to follow the Lord and discuss spiritual stuff. I know the Church is true, and that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in pure and sweet simplicity once again to the earth! I love my Savior, and my God.

Elder Devin Jay Hunter

P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. Still not done with the candy stash... but getting there! :)
P.P.P.S. If you see me on the news, that would be sweet! But that's not what I'm here for. But it'd still be pretty cool.

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