Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear family,
I saw you two days ago, and it was absolutely fantastic and amazing to see your grown-up faces again! You are all growing up so fast! Brock does not sound the same, he's starting to sound more manly, and I can see his adam's apple, and he's 5'7''. Crazy! Also Jessie and Karli look so grown up! It was a really uplifting experience. I wish I could write more this week, but we only have an hour to email, so I will try my best to squeeze in as much as I can. Don't pay attention to my spling errurs.

On  Sunday 12 days ago, I left to arrive at the mission home, and we started practicing and preparing for the concerts that would take place the rest of the week. I ended up playing O Come O Come Emannuel on the recorder in a male octet and it was really powerful. I also played a duet with a sister named Sister Rousseau: she played Once In Royal David's City and then I came in the first two concerts with "Just The Way You Are" or in the last three concerts with"Where are you Christmas", and then we finished with an Angels We Have Heard On High. It was a really great experience, and the Spirit was really strong there.
I will write down more about the experience this week so I can email more about it next week.

Elder Christensen and I had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas as well. It was really interesting because on Tuesday the Paisley and Glasgow zones both met at Princes' Square Shopping Center to sing carols and share the spirit with people. It went really well. The twist was that on monday the man who was running the whole cooperation between us the charity he was working with for disabled children and adults learning to integrate into society told me that a man had asked us that we play and sing Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are" during the lunchtime period so he could propose to his hopeful fiancee. And guess who he saw playing Bruno Mars at the concert in Paisley last week? So I played the song on the piano while Elder Sewell and Sister Ricks sang a wonderful duet to the music. AND... she said yes.

Christmas I ended up a bit under the weather, and I still kind of am, but I hope to shake that off very soon and get back to work as soon as possible! I love you, I love the work, I love the Lord, and I know this Church is true. I have felt it in my heart and I know without a doubt that it is true. And I say these things int eh name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Elder Devin Jay Hunter
P.S. Kirk out!
P.P.S. I think that is the weirdest and most unexpected Christmas Eve surprise that I have and might ever witness. :)

Thank you so much for all your support and your love!

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